happenings in huntington...

little re-cap on some of the stuff down here.

1. QVC has recieved my laptop back & returned the 2 easy pays already charged. just hope they turned the ez pay switch off.

2. since wamu was bought out by chase, i've had issues with them over my "free" checking. straw that broke my back is they are now charging me $10 a month (since my job doesn't offer diredt deposit, i don't qualify to have it waived). i found a new bank & with ease set up new checking & savings. just need to wait a couple weeks for checks (free) & debit card. ussa bank most people think is only for military, but its not! some over the better rates/products are limited, but not their free checking. reviews online were all pretty darn high-for a bank.

3. we're moving back to bham in july. many reasons contributed to our decision. we are super excited for the new change! my bro is letting us stay with him until we hook up jobs. just in time for the awesome summer in W. WA & floating down the river.

4. fistula surgery recovery seems to be progressing well. go back in thursday for 6 week check-up. fingers crossed all healed up on the inside.

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