putting on Big Girl Pants...

i don't like having to admit "defeat", but today i have to face the music. i put on my big girl pants & made some decisions. (first world issues, i know)

1. i bought a new laptop off qvc right before my surgery. i thought that would be a fun treat. it wouldn't connect to our wireless router AND printer. i called/emailed the company support. they suggested stuff, didn't work, then wanted me to send to them. if i did that, i'd be way out of the 30 day "easy return" (we shall see). so it's heading back today, i am defeated but not discouraged. wasn't the right time for me to get this now...but it was soooo pretty & shiny!

2. after discovering blood in some bm's last week (no pain), i did a food test. sadly, one of my favorite buger places seems to be the culprit. so no more :( thank goodness it wasn't del taco! my home go-to.

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