Fhoto Friday...

i decided to try to start a friday "tradition". i'll post some pictures. what better to do on a friday then look at stuff, who wants to read anyway? ;)

Tim's glamour shot, tired N in the mirror.

sleepy weezie

gas prices when i filled up today. almost $40 for 9 gallons.
reg- $4.21, 4.31 & 4.41

E & little E. Eben is a cutie pie. she & M are so mellow with him.
i forgot the random head jerks newborns are "blessed" with. you've got to keep you hand on them tightly. :)


elisha said...

Had a great time with you guys! We need to get together soon. Not sure how this weekend flew by so quickly without calling you two...shoot for next weekend if you guys are around??

diana said...

OUCH on those gas prices. we are still at $3.87. stop the madness

HB Livin' said...

e- we'll be here all weekend. no easter plans our way :)
M prolly told you the news..we're doing what you did last year from hawaii. :)

d- you are soooo lucky!!