some big balls over here...

gave my 2 weeks now.

no one said good luck, its been great having you here- just bummer for us (whaha) & actually asked me to stay past the 2 weeks. like this isn't serious or something. i may have yelled NO. if i would stay longer, then i wouldn't have given 2 weeks now-- are they that dense..answer yes, it's all about these socal folks.
15th is my last day at work. Huzza!! N gives his on friday.

UPDATE: they have now divided up most of my tasks to people that don't have anything to do. the new hire will make more $ & have less BS work..whay couldn't i get that before when i tried??
i can't wait to see the posting on craigslist..i'll let you see it too. :)

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Strayer said...

It's been great having you there. You made that company. You were the hard worker. Good for you. Good luck!!! You won't need it, you and N are wonderful!!!!