Bham eating out continued..Morrie's Drive-In

we had never stopped at this place last time we lived here. when we went to Q&M's house a couple weeks ago, we passed it again. i started craving it..any drive-in, hamburger "dive" eat place is something i need to try. usually you get a good burger & the prices are way more affordable than "sit down" dining. the people that work at the smaller joints are usually more customer friendly & keep the places super clean.

Morrie's was a great stop for a quick, cheap bite! only thing i didn't realize- the delux cheeseburger didn't have onions. i must me becoming an onionhead..i did miss that. they have shakes to try next time.

very crisp & clean inside

other side of the eat-in section

you can also order outside

my cheesburger & fries. the burger may not look pretty, but it was delish.
the fires were the crinkle kind (like del taco) & totally cooked throughly

aftermath...the tater sauce is 10 cents for a bucket &
excellent for dipping fries. lots of mayo not much pickle..perfect for me :)

the Drive-In outside

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