day at Horseshoe Cove, Baker Lake WA

we grew up camping at Horseshoe Cove at Baker Lake. this year they opened the lake for a few weeks for salmon fishing. first time in years--the fish were trucked in due to city infrastructures taking away their natural river run. my bro was on it with his boat. we went out for the day to hang during their 2 day camping trip.

the sun started coming out about 530pm..of course the next day ended up sunny & gorgeous BUT it was the day of check-out for them.

this is the rope swing you can go off

collecting word for our baby fire

daytime fire for smores
boat docked at site
M's son C. he was super fun to hang out with.


Strayer said...

Looks so beautiful! Great photos!

mom said...

These pictures bring back lots of good memories and fun camping together and Horseshoe Cove!