got wood?

up here in the county, apparently wood heat is the heat source for the wintertime. A's friend dropped off a trailer of corded wood for us. N&A rented a log splitter & split it. half has been stacked in the wood shed now, the rest won't fit. N will get to build a second wood cover lean-to in the next couple weeks. i've been online applying for jobs & sending out resumes left & right--no luck so far. i really don't plan/want to be out here by the time winter hits & we have to use the wood for heat. since i have poor circulation, Raynauds Syndrone & have always been cold--[not because i lived in cali for a little while (sorry, i hear that all the time from people that don't know me but like to talk about me;)], i enjoy the ability to have the heat as high as i need since i'm adult now.

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Strayer said...

I hope you find a job soon Kate.