AT&T is horrible..Worst Customer Service EVER!!!

i don't get upset too often. today it happened. i've been a customer of AT&T for Cell Phones since 1999- my first Nokia was with them. i will NEVER be their customer again!

just spent over an hour on the phone on hold waiting to talk to a "manager". i wasn't upset about the hold time, i've worked in customer service & understand that. i also wasn't annoyed with the reps that first took my call, since i knew they wouldn't be able to help me.

Finally a Resolutions Manager- Kyle Saucier - decided to take my call, off the 35 minute hold time i'd been on that que.
Why did I call:
To cancel my phone plan since moving up to washington, i haven't had any coverage. i called to cancel my account with no fees--only because-- I DON'T GET COVERAGE!
AT&T response to longtime customer:
tough!! you have to either: a) pay the termination fee $95
b) continue to pay $66 a month for your bill for the next 11 months (until 1/7012) or
c) some weird "trade-plan"- something of which i wasn't getting involved in as it's "new" & "great" ..hahah

their argument is that when i signed my 2 year contract, in 7/2010, i COMMITTED to paying for the new phone i received. I tried to explain to Kyle that at that time, i paid about $40 out of my pocket for this "upgrade" AS WELL AS upgrading my monthly plan by an extra $15 a month. at the time i signed up this phone was "worth" $150 and they take off $4 a month that you are in contract...BUT i also paid at least $40 of my own making the phone $190??? NO WAY!!

Kyle was pretty rude. he insisted that even though AT&T couldn't give me coverage at my new location, it was my fault because i moved there. I should have "read my contract" where i "committed" to paying for the phone for 2 years-- AT&T says their reasoning is because they get phones at a discount & pass on to you...what discount..where???? I thought my 2 year contract also would hold AT&T to providing the service as well. I do not get the SERVICE they contracted with me for (now under false pretenses). AT&T now places limits on where people can live based on where their service is--or pay up the ass to cancel out, which is what i'm doing. $160 to end this. Kyle was nice enough to sarcastically let me know that there are taxes as well, since we live in the US. i thanked him for treating me like a moron & told him that was extremely unprofessional. I've been a supervisor in a call center & i've never treated anyone the way i was treated when they had a legitimate complaint against the company that was in no way their fault. i would go out of my way..but that's why people liked OAKLEY warranty & the company..stand by the product & the customer!

FUCK AT&T -- prepaid from walmart all the way now. i'll NEVER recommend AT&T based on how they treat longtime customers.

anyone with any horror stories similar, feel free to comment or contact me directly. this is similar to what chase did to me by charging $10 a month for a Checking Account--if your workplace doesn't provide direct deposit..$120 a year for a checking account? looking into the legality on this.

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Strayer said...

You should sue them. Judge Judy would make short work of them wanting you to uphold your end but they not upholding their end. That's WRONG!!!! Take them to Judge Judy. Contracts go both ways. So wrong. Corporations suck. They think they're God Almighty.

File a complaint with the WA state attorney general's office. The OR attorney general's office would go after them with teeth bared. Hopefully the WA office will do the same.