Lynden Antiquing..

we checked out the Lynden antique shops the other day. they have about 3 good shops to go through. unfortunately, the shop i was going to buy a couple rings from had a broken CC machine. which was OK with me, since it wasn't meant to be.
it's such a fun process to look at everything in the stores. you'll find something you like, keep walking around, and either find something better OR realize you really don't need the other. there's no pressure to shop fast in these stores, most even have bathrooms available.

$10 small brass buddha.
it seems like the top of a candle put-r-outer.

i thought this was AWESOME.
it's a metal balance piece I could watch "dance" for hours. only $14

couldn't resist this..bullfighing velvet painting.
the colors are vibrant in "real life". $16

N acutally got this at the last auction.

N got this in Lynden. it's blue but looks green in the pic.
he found a 3rd blue glass pitcher to go with his set, but has to go back for it.

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