Pumpkins & Bellingham Comicon..

last weekend we had a great time. saturday morning we woke up & headed out toward the 3rd Annual Bellingham Comicon (up in Ferndale). it was pretty cool, not as big as San Diego :) but there was a great turnout when we were there in the morning. folks were dressed up in star wars costumes for the contest later. we didn't stay too long (sadly i ran out of money). it was great to see how much local support the convention received being so far up north.

later that afternoon N's folks, Bro, niece & nephew came up to visit for the night. it was great to see them as usual. it was the first time we've meet M&J (nephew & niece) & they warmed up fast to everyone. that afternoon N had a pumpkin craving treat set up.

to see pictures of the comicon , Grim Reaper & Bat Cat Pumpkins,

Cat-Bat by N, Faces by J (& kids)

we had one left over pumpkin.
N did the Grim Reaper design last nite.

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V said...

Creative carving!