Xtreme Bean Coffee ... it's DeLisch

one treat we usually get when we head into town on errands is coffee from Xtreme Bean. it's in Nugents Corner [which is now a roundabout]. we have been going here since July when we moved. the people that work there are super nice. they know our drinks, which is always a nice treat. they also carry they OatrRageous Bars from the Lynden Bakery i'm addicted to.

i get a mocha & N goes for the double latte. they have a drive-thru we use every time [since the espresso machine is back there, it's quicker then going in & warmer this time of year :)]. the coffee they use is Fildago Bay. they have sandwiches & bagels that i'm sure are just as good as the coffee!

if you're out this way, definately stop in.

aren't they cozy

a better shot of the Tiki Coffee God on the label

here's the spot & where you drive in

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Strayer said...

I love coffee! I like to try all different kinds! Wish we lived closer!