in lieu of job...ebay selling...

went through all my she-ra stuff this weekend. crazy!! i realized i have a lot of doubles/triples of things. since i don't have a job assignment yet & craigslist for jobs SUCKS up here, i'm selling items on ebay. (all bought off ebay :))
N consistently has stuff for sale, sports cards, clothing, glasses ect so he's usually got a couple extra bucks for the auctions we go to. i need a couple extra bucks for bills so time to copy him. i've sold before..it's just so much more fun to buy. LOL

J- do you remember the name of the place up here you took me to years ago that was a marsh place with docks we walked on & lillipads? i wish we were there for alex's 2 bday! sheesh too old already ;)


Strayer said...

I've never sold on ebay, but have bought things, two things, car parts both, so much cheaper, hundreds cheaper actually, than if I went to a shop or dealer. One was the switch to operate the electric windows, came off a wrecked Scion in CA. Then the next was a side driver mirror, also electronically adjustable, when I whacked and broke mine backing out of the garage, cost me only $30 brand new on ebay motors!

HotFudgeNubbins said...

doing this more now i realize that the buyers are really kinda a pian. i much prefer to be a buy myself. i just got a remote for a tv we got at goodwill for the bedroom but no remote. i also use it a ton for health/beauty items like arnica gel, shampoo (always free shipping on that ;)