recent finds in northern wa...

it's been a little while since posting new finds, found during employment :)

i have a few basics "rules" i try to stick with.
-no more than $10 for "wall art"
- i get rid of at least 1 old thing when i bring in 1 new (N does too)
-if i'm not sure, i'll set the item back down & keep looking. if it nags in my head i may go back.
i actually get a thrill out of NOT buying things & being able to put something back over half of the time. my taste ranges in everything from hand made wood stuff to ethnic art to toys!

got the shelf for $7.50 auction & painted pink.
now shows a fraction of the She-Ra

$7 at antique store. handpainted/signed & numbered
i LOVE blue & brown together

$4 garage sale. Black Window MIP!
favorite bike on a fav show

$3 same garage sale as above. i devoured otter
pops when i was a kid (usually unfrozen)

$3 tv & $1 vcr from different garage sales.
since we have free basic cable here, why not have tv in the spare bedroom?

$35 auction. a bit pricey but it was down to me & 1 guy.
it's the story of Buddha's life in english & vietnamese.

$7.50 auction- the wood lamp.
not the timer or mug O pens.

$1.25 antique store.
i'm a sucker for stuff from my birth year.

$5, $12, $12 antique stores- my latest look-fores are vintage glasses.
i have given myself a 12 piece limit..at 7 so far.
the white frosted fair glasses look soooo cool with pepsi (or other dark beverage) in them.

$1 antique mall. an old school hard plastic frisbee
with no dog teeth marks!

$6 antique store. the green looks way better in real life.
made in japan.

$12 antique store. the final item. it was labeled as
"oriental man", oblivious to the racistness i hope.
$3 antique mall for the yinyang balls.

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Strayer said...

Great finds, love the cat!