cake decorating (very) 101

a few weeks ago our friend Q had his bday. M always makes some great cakes, last year she did his shop! (she's 11..12?) i loved the flowers she had made & asked about it. turns out her & M (M&M) are taking classes at the michaels by us wednesday nites.

i was excited & started bugging M about it. she called the teacher that nite to see if she could bring me to the next classes. it was ok, so off i went.

turns out there's a LOT of prep & clean-up to the classes. i missed the first class which was how to make icing, so i took the easy route & bough the thin & medium wilton icing from the store.

week 2: working on our first cake with the techniques learned with the fancy icing tips. week 3: cupcakes, more tip use & flowers. week 4: the final. we brought in a pre-frosted cake we had made that week. the we learned the basics on making flowers on the stands..very tricky!!

if you're curious...

i was BIG on primary colors it seems.
working with my blob & star tips for polka dots.

side shot- ran out of purple to finish the sides, hence the hamburger look.

planned ahead for the proper colors for CUPCAKES. cakes are red velvet.

M's cupcakes. she picks great colors!

me & M with our wares.

iced (lop-sided) cake for week 4!

we had to practice writing, so i wrote CAKE. the teacher wanted me to add the other.

sort of side shot.

M & my cakes: done! her's is awesome & says Yum!


V said...


Strayer said...

The cake is unbelievable!!! you did a great job! Now, if you could start baking cakes, decorated with the face of a cat that needs a home, now that would be something. But not sure what.

mom said...

Great work. It looks like you had so much fun playing with colors. Your pink and lavender cupcakes are gorgeous and your final cake is fantastic. Let me know when you need a taste tester. Love, MOM

American Foodie in Gent said...

Wow! I'm very impressed! You'll have to teach me when I come back :)

HotFudgeNubbins said...

i can teach if you do clean-up :)