beaker cat went home!!

another cat had showed up behind the apt a week or so ago. it was tiny, white with orange marks. very friendly & hungry! i've been giving him food while watching him get dirtier living outside. we were hoping to tame him enough to get inside at nites since it's gotten colder out now.

last nite, in the middle of the nite, i realized i'd NEVER checked craigslist about the lost cat. i knew it had been indoor since it was so clean initially. usually folks with indoor cats, don't have collars on them.

so i checked craigs today & found a post from 9/30 for the kitty! his name is Bean (we were calling him Beaker). the poster had 4 great pictures of him. i went outside & grabbed him, had N hold him in the cat room while i called the number listed. turns out she lives in our complex..but at the other end. she was hesitant at first, not wanting to believe it was bean. she'd been to the humane society 3x already & searched local parks & the parking lot too. i let her know, basedon the pictures on the post, i was pretty positive. she came over & was SO HAPPY!!!! it was bean.

i apologized for not checking craigslist sooner, since he would have gone home last weekend. but now i know!! no samson posting on craigs...but he's pretty much ours, staying inside most nites now.

here are the pics of bean/beaker from the  craigslist lost ad:


Strayer said...

that is awesome!! Good job!

ab said...

good job.
I'm sure that Bean is happy to be homw

American Foodie in Gent said...

Very cool!!! And nice cake decorating too:)