60 Minutes story on Luxottica...

watching 60 minutes last night, i felt some validation. link to story by Lesley Stahl click here.

it's pretty much what i experienced going through the O buyout & how disgusted i felt by the monopoly the us government was approving for the italian company. the pint of view of the ceo was not on the same page as my beliefs in free-market and noncompetitive economy.

it's nice to know after 5 years, i wasn't t crazy one...though my leaving didn't make a "point" or anything like that, it was a personnel decision...how can i work for the same company owning both O & Ray Bans????  

FYI--Sunglass Hut sold a cleaner they stood behind & sold to consumers knowing it would ruin O lenses in the 90's which is why we stopped selling many of the lines through their stores until that was fixed..not an "Argument" it was about quality at all points for the O then!

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