shootin & sucia island

this weekend was busy with fun stuff. saturday we went up the mountain & went shootin. we like to go shooting a lot, but with the cost & nonavailability of ammo now days, it's not as often. N had bought a real target, so i was able to see my shots. turns out my aim with a 9mm is dead on about 35 feet out. also good with my uncle don's wooden 22 rifle. it's so smooth to shoot. from Sears originally & has all the paperwork for it. aim dead on & no kick. so sweet.

sunday the 3 of us went out in the Blue Raven for a trip overnite to Sucia Island in the san juans. this was a quick trip since we weren't sure how the cats would do with the overnighter. trip out was smooth...if only i hadn't had to go to the bathroom about an hour in. yikes! but i made it to the island.

above is a map of Sucia. you can only get there by boat. they have great campsites for tents & about 15-20 dock sites for boaters. there are buoys in the bay bigger boats that have dingys are supposed to tie to. that way there is room for boats like the Raven. we docked & stayed in Fossil Bay. the pics below from the fire & sunset are from facing out of fox cove (other side fossil bay). PS the bathrooms were clean & plentiful!!
heading out Bham Bay

at Sucia

gotta include a random tree picture in camp pics :)

foreground: awesome shelter for eating
background: bunk sleep shelter you can reserve..bunks both sides (no door)

fossil bay & pre-fabed beach fort 

my fire..fire..fire

picture of a picture

me & sunset off Fox Cove

sundown fox cove..facing Canada & Vancover Island


later sundown shot

explanation of something

sun is down

AM next day. N on dock

dock shot

breakfast & yes, another fire of mine.


Strayer said...

Wow, that is beautiful. How long in the boat? Is that your brother's boat? Did you get seasick at all? Now that looks so fun, Kate. I love being out on the water, any water. I hope you had a great time!

HotFudgeNubbins said...

the boat trip was about 2 hours since we went on a calm day. it is my bros boat. he uses it to fish & crab a lot, but since i'm buddhist, i don't go on those trips :) just the fun ones. didn't get seasick either. it's been about 7 years since i've been out in the san juan.