cat helper needs help

a reader of Strayer's blog needs help. here's a link to Fund our Fosters telling her story. she helped with Valentinos cat bills years ago & i'd love to help her out now. the fundraising is for Camp Whiskers where her cats are boarded now. here's a little info of what she is going through day to day now. if you have even $5 or $10 or willing to forgo a mocha today...it will greatly help this drastic situation & you can know you have helped someone directly..not through a charity with millions of dollars (that surprisingly  don't help out with stuff like this). this money does not go to her..just to the boarder. here's the link again give now. thank you for taking the time to read this.

her husband died in March. van blew up on the interstate in early June. house caught fire four hours later. The insurance had not been transferred to my name. Three days later my Grandma died. Then my Dad went for testing, they thought his cancer was back. I drove my Jeep back to SD, and it broke down here. I'm staying on couches or floors wherever I can, and have run out of money and hope. The dogs have gone into foster care, the cats have nowhere to go and need the bills paid by the 4th, and would need more money if they stayed, so I'm trying to find them foster homes, which is not going very well. The lady who is keeping them is willing to help in any way she can, but cannot afford to keep them when paying customers could use that room. It's a boarding place called Camp Whiskers. If I could even just find foster for three of them, she would be willing to find good homes for the others. In fact, her mother might be interested in one, and I am so willing for that, because he would get spoiled and in a great place. I've pretty much lost my husband, my home, both vehicles, my job (caretaker to my husband), my psoriasis is flared badly, everything I own is still in Erie and I have no way to even get it, if it's not completely ruined from the fire, smoke, water, or been stolen. And I'm a complete emotional wreck because today would have been our 12th anniversary. I'm just at the end of my rope, and trying to do all I can to not lose the last link I have to him, the cats. 

these are the kitties:

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Strayer said...

That's a great post about her troubles, Kate!