Ever watched a TV show & wondered "what happened?"

there is a show on hgtv called Dream House. this show has been on for almost 10 years but each season follows a different family or person during the construction of said Dream House. back in the early 1990's there was a season i was obsessed with.

Bruno Reich was the homeowner, general contractor, architect, landscaper and more. while watching the season you learn of his struggles with the town zoning committees, meet his tenet of 10 years(!) Lara and i think there were a couple pets there to. how things have changed by the end of the season.
Bruno meets a lady, gets married, basically kicks Lara back to the northwest and her family (by moving girlfriend into a house L thought she'd end up living in as a rental), has a kid and still doesn't manage to complete an entire room of his house. it's fascinating...like a car accident.
at the end they show him trying to baby proof his gothic style house and trying to convince wife to move to the country and build their "dream house". all while wifey is whining about everything.

why is it that woman try to change men SO much! i mean she knew his deal, it wasn't a secret and there were local articles written about it too. she comes in and thinks she can do what no one else can and make him finish the house. of course she has added in new "wants" of her own and that the child (trap) will need. hahaha. the completion of the house didn't happen and listening to her whine about the construction she moved herself right into was so annoying. she got rid of his friend and tenant of ten years so you'd think she'd be happy, but they never are- are they?

i wish they would show a current update to see what's going one. i'm dying to find out if the house was finished, if he's still married and how much therapy the child is in.

the fine living channel is showing the series again on monday nites if you want to check it out. check local listings.

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I were obsessed with this season and Bruno's story. One day we actually found ourselves in Columbia MD and looked him up. We got to the house, which was in a really nice area but it was an incredibly small house. You know those neighbors he was fighting with about his renovation? Their house was no more than 20' from his--no wonder they didn't want his huge tall chimney. Anyway, we took a look and left never to return. Can't believe I am admitting to this......

HB Livin' said...

finally!!! somone knows something LOL. i still google him to try to find the dvd. i always wonder what happened to his friend that used to live there..and now his wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

The marriage ended years ago - soon after the end of the show - as if it wasn't obvious

HB Livin' said...

wow...i always wondered. the house was so crazy to watch being built, i really liked that sied of it. i hope he's a lot happier now--and finished a room or 2 :)