Radio Bam-makes my mondays

is someone having a case of the mondays? not me!

i used to not be a big fan of mondays but since my birthday in june i've gotten to like them more. why the sudden turn around? it's because on monday's at 4pm SIRIUS radio has a show called Radio Bam. i discovered the show about february of this year and found a couple places online i could stream the shows so i could listen to them at work. since then i was addicted. it's not for everyone (or most people). because of this show i asked for SIRIUS for my birthday. N found a great deal and i got a stiletto portable. i don't need all the fancy car stuff or anything. what i have works really well and it looks similar to an ipod.

why do i write this you may be wondering. the past couple weeks they've been playing a lot of re-runs on the show. it wouldn't be bad except the re-runs they are playing are the most current shows! come-on play some classic shows guys. please i'm hoping today when i tune in it will be a new show or a really old show. maybe if i write, it it will happen :)

I heard from my brother and they are now leaving Italy headed for Switzerland. I can't believe this thursday they'll have been traveling for a month already!

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