Kid Nation

i've been watching the kid nation online since it started. the first couple of shows i wasn't too impressed with and generally annoyed by most of the kids. this week they had new elections for the town council and that was interesting!

the show is a micro chasm of our society. even though the kids are young, they behave the same way they're adult counterparts in the world behave. i was really impressed with a 10 yr named zach (sp?). was i that smart when i was young?

i wish i had had the chance to be on this show. the more i watch it the more sucked in i get and i almost forget how young they really are. each episode they give a "gold star" to one deserving member which includes $20,000. the kid that got it this week had been busting his butt for it since day one. he was older and it was obvious he was trying hard so he would win the prize. what you find out once he wins it is the reason he tried so hard..that it will be his college fund. he was so happy about being able to afford that dream.

the kids are alright..as the who might say

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