monday has come again...

and here we sit. at our computers. maybe working, maybe shopping or perhaps googling the Hills to find out what's going to happen.

our weekend was mellow but it went by fast! i did talk N into a quick trip to Pedro's last nite before it got dark. we hadn't been in a while and it was good!

we also tried a new place for breakfast. it's called Bill's Burgers. they serve breakfast/lunch and some dinner. i had the basic eggs, toast and browns to eat and it was pretty good. N had the club which was ok but nothing special, although the fries were good! the weirdest part was their prices change from what is printed on the menu so it came out to be a bit more then we thought it would be..but still under $20 which is our usual eat-out max (for both of us).

i just wish my tooth hadn't broken now. i'm so broke it's ridiculous to even think about buying more presents but we've still got a bunch left to pick up. thank goodness N is sympathetic to my dental problems. but is wishes were....i'd be rich! or something like that. haha

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my vote goes to les schwab