they didn't get my genes...

that's for sure. the teeth cleaning went excellent for the cats. neither has any cavities. YEH! and they had only level 1-2 build-up. the vet even noted they were "great cats" on the dental forms. i was so proud. when i picked them up they were nice and freaked out. once we got home we were showered with love. sometimes i think trips to the vet make them appreciate us more. LOL

this morning i woke up about 3:30 to the sounds of a nice downpour. usually i love it and find it super relaxing. not today. why? because in a few hours we plan to drive up to big bear which is now under a winter storm advisory. i hope it goes ok. there's supposed to be another storm coming in saturday nite so we really picked the best weekend to go. N got a treasure map to where the key is hidden. i'm hoping to get some good pictures, if it's not all cloudy.

fingers crossed the drive goes well and N doesn't end up tossing me out of the car.

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