dentist time...

but not for me!

weezie and hooka are both getting their teeth cleaned tomorrow. which means we have to drop them off before work and pick them up after. they're going to be so freaked out. but this month is cat dental cleaning month (maybe dog too) so the price is a little cheaper. the vet does it without knocking them out. they get wrapped up real tight in a blanket and then get their teeth scrapped. i hope no one has cavities! it may seem silly to get cat's teeth cleaned but i learned the hard way what will happen if you don't.

friday we go up to big bear. i'm getting excited and trying to keep the panic to a minimum. it's supposed to rain so that's not a good sign for the drive up. we're renting a car so if anything happens to it, we'll be ok. we're also picking up chains, hopefully we can find the ezy-on style.

the cold is finally going away. YEAH!!
there's a lunar eclipse tonite at 7 PM. i hope the wind blows the clouds away so we can check that out.

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