quiet day...i hope

my 2 direct bosses are both out of the office today and tomorrow. it's nice to have a little break sometimes. 1 of them is a real piece of work.

i'm not going to get to in-depth but he constantly swears loudly [at his desk about everything from his email, to how our company works, to personal stuff], talks about women with no respect [he loves to call them "chicks"], and generally has no idea how to work in a professional setting. if he acted the way he does at a "more conservative" company, he'd be fired or a mute by now. when i get home i'm so drained from hearing his barrage of crap. i try to shake it off but it's rough. i'm hoping our main boss will be in the office in the next few weeks so i can talk to him...but then it's just hearing me "bitch" b/c i'm a girl. so i dunno if it's even worth it. that's kinda the mentality around hear if your a girl and "complain".

so today, tomorrow and maybe friday will be glorious days of calm in the office. thank goodness!

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V said...

I hate bosses. They suck.