the weekend....is beginning...

almost there...YEAH!!

nothing big going on this weekend. we may go up to see ab & uj. it's still kinda up in the air now. we haven't seen them since they've been down this time so that will be nice. and uj brought down real PNW salmon so we'll Q that up.

i got a referral to a massage place by my house from a girl at work. she said it's only $25 (plus tip) and it's more reflexology. you keep your cloths on but they go to town on your head/face and feet. we may try to check that out. she assured me it's a legit place. no cops would be busting down the door. LOL..actually a friend of her's who's a cop told her about it first.

if we get there i'll let you know. but my desire not to spend money always comes popping up.

Have a great weekend!!

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Cricket said...

Thanks so much for commenting at my place today. It sounds like you understand.

I'll be back to visit after Spring Break. That would be cool to find my own waiter!