i'm addicted to Pepsi...

i said it. i love the sweet, sticky carbonated brown liquid. i've always liked pop--Yes, i call it POP not soda or coke--but didn't need it. now i feel like i need it everyday. and when i don't have any, i'm grumpy, even if i can still get the sugar fix another way. i have cut down on coffee a bunch. in fact i haven't even made any for weeks...but i have begged N to run across the street on weekend mornings for pepsi (because i can't seem to plan ahead). he's so sweet and usually needs milk for his lattes so it works out ok.

this morning i haven't had any. i don't have any here. i feel like as long as i have a plan to get some later by going to lunch or planning a store run i'm ok. it's a drug. it really is. it's harder for me to not drink pop then it is for me to not smoke. when i quit smoking i just quit. sure every now and again i'll have one and i don't think that's a big deal. but trying to imagine a week with no pepsi...i almost get a panic attack. i like coke also but only from fountain machines. so i'm not picky when i go out to eat if they only have coke, that's ok.

maybe this is the first step to overcoming this. admitting it. i've bought tea to try instead...but not the same. though i think i'm getting a single serve blender for my bday so i'm going to try to make smoothies. i hope it works. i know if i only have 1 or 2 cups a week, i'd drop a few pounds too.

on another note...1 week until my bday.

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