to balance the Pepsi...

i do have another addiction. WATER.

i love to drink water. i have 3 bottles (with plastic straws b/c we all know about my love of straws). i refill each of them usually 3-4 times during the day/night. it's nice that i don't have to worry about where my next "fix" will come from, and it's usually free too!

i usually like it cold. my friend V loves her brita at room temp. we've got a brita here we refill a bunch a day. there's nothing better then reaching for your water...half asleep..and not spilling it on yourself or finding cat hairs. that's why lids and straws are soo important.

to share further...here are my 3 water bottles (or wadder boddles). my favorite type are the blue and pink ones. SOOOO if anyone is ever looking for a gift for me, an new watter bottle like these would be awesome. i've gotten them at target but i saw them at albertsons also.

in less then a week my bro will be here. we'll be busy but it'll be so great to see him. i can't really remember how long it's been now. this weekend we'll be cleaning and reorganizing the place to fit the fold out back in the living room. it will look funny but oh well. at least we have enough space for everyone.

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