Record Temps (again) & we move furniture...

not sure if your heard, but it was a little toasty down here this weekend. we spent the majority of the time on the couches with fans aimed at us. but we had some stuff to do--so we did it in 3 step increments, seemed to really work well. the cats barely moved. i put ice cubes in their water dishes to try to help.

it's down to crunch time for getting things reading for my bro's visit. he'll be coming on thursday nite with his girlfriend. N and i haven't meet her yet. we're lucky enough to have a great IKEA fold-out loveseat. we just had to re-arrange the apartment to make everything fit. i don't want them to have to sleep in front of the litter boxes of course.

so we have a line of furniture along the wall. yes, it bugs me and my OCD but i know it's only for a couple weeks so it's all good. here's a couple pictures of the new living room. the black couch is the fold-out. (oh..there's my blue water bottle too)

this week the temp should be mid-high 70's which works for me!

Happy Monday...only 2 days til bday.

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