MINGHAGS is coming soon!!

today was a good day! got the car back and it has power now. went to check the mail and look what was waiting for me. this awesome personally autographed BAM ~ Minghags promo sheet!!

i'm so stoked. here is what is says:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me about MINGHAGS The Movie, your support means a lot to me and the crew! This letter is a very special limited edition, and the only people to get one are those who responded to my shout out on the radio. it's our way of saying thanks! BAM

this is the coolest! i love the CKY crew and Radio BAM on sirius. it's nice to see someone who does appreciate the fans. i can't wait to get a cool frame for it. the only other autographs i have are from the band Zebrahead and my friend got them for me.

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