joys of the unemployed...

not really. it's actually quite stressful about now. i do the craigs list search daily and usually apply to about 3-4 jobs off of that. i've also got my favorite company job sites bookmarked but it's deader then a doornail over there. not the best time to have quit my job i suppose, but i can't say i regret it at all. i've got until mid-sept to find a job or a nice sized cardboard box. :)

i'm not stressed out everyday and cranky. which in itself is a personal joy. the past couple days i had a killer migraine. it was nice to be able to hide under the covers and cry without worrying i would be fired or having to call in sick. i miss my precious zomig! i've saved 3 pills i will not use until after Hawaii. i always get a migraine when i go somewhere (murphy's law) and i refuse to be incapacitated in Hawaii. we've spent too much money on the trip and laying in bed all day on vacation is not my idea of a good time.

if anyone is good at cover letters...let me know if you want to help tweak mine.

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