4 interviews...1 call back..1 offer..

thursday was a busy day! i had 4 interviews.
~the first was for reception/executive ass (yess ass is short for assistant which is kinda what you become). they were nice and wanted me to come back on monday for round 2.

~the second stop was for a similar position at a job closer to home. the people there were nice. the job however was for an eyewear company. try as i might, the only thing i was able to do was compare everything to my previous job...which is not good for lesser eyewear. when they said they were now making polarized glasses, i almost said something negative. it was a nice place, but i've been spoiled by my previous employer about quality eyewear.

~third interview is the job i now have. it is for an orthopedic supply company in NB as an admin/book-keeper assistant. i'm super excited to learn book-keeping skills. they offered more then i made at my past job after 2 years of being there! to top it off..everyday i wear scrubs! J say's they're just like pj's and she was jealous. only downfall is they have to be white so i'll have stains for sure. i hope it works out well. it's a lot closer to home only 10 miles 1 way, and i drive up and down PCH the whole way. can't beat that view!

~the last interview was bad. the "person" giving it was rude, abrasive and very unprofessional. i wasn't too upset since i'd already decided i wouldn't fit in well there so i used his weird questions as learning experiences in being calm and unruffled.

so starting this tuesday...i'm employed again. i already let them know about my week off to Hawaii next month so that shouldn't be an issue.

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Strayer said...

Congratulations on your new job, scrub woman! Too bad you can't wear all the fun colored and patterned scrubs out now. Some are marvelous! White, so easily stained, by anything, like coffee, the usual stain I wear with white.