what a quick year it's been...

happy anniversary...to my blog! i hadn't realized time had gone by to fast, as it often does when you're having fun.

i started the blog for friends and family to be able to keep in touch with N and I. i hate talking on the phone (probably from my years of being on the phone for jobs (reception, customer service, sales ect...) email i love but sometimes you just don't have to time to reply promptly..and then you feel guilty.

with the blog i can post at my leisure. show pictures of interesting things (like cats and food of course) and talk about my experiences to everyone all at once. this why hopefully no one has to hear the same stories over and over. yeah right!

i don't mind that not to many folks read this. i got over "popularity" long ago. being myself seems to get me more respect and further in jobs. i don't really write to deep or put in punchy search words to attract folks. i figure if you're a reader, then it was ment to be. if not you'll never know what you're missing out on!

work has been a challenge for sure. they fired one lady who worked part time. she didn't really do anything but talk while she was there anyway. so now i'm doing that side of it myself...it's very tiring. all day long i hear my name being called by my boss to drop whatever i'm doing and start something else right away (but don't forget to magically finish what you were also doing in the meanwhile. i'm just trying to save up so i'll be ok for a couple months to find something better. rumor has it we don't even get dental...and the monthly medical part is pretty high. there's only 6 people working there including the owner. which is why i'm exhausted when i get home and barely have the energy to eat let alone get online. i'll do my best to recap a couple nites a week.

the new fall line-up is almost here! pushing daisies, survivor, amazing race, reaper, new 90210!!

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