fresh & easy...

we trekked out on monday to fresh & easy. it's a british store that branched over to the US. they've been down here for a little while and always send us couplons...so it was time to go. the store wasn't too crowded thank goodness. we were able to spend time walking down all the aisles to see everything.
i found some great shrimp pot stickers freshly made. also their whipped cream cheese is a great deal. N loves the dill pickle spears. the prices are comparable to albertsons and trader joes for some things. it was worth a trip for sure. now we'll start a "things from fresh & easy" list along with the trader joes, walmart, target and weekly grocery store list...oh did i mention the ikea list?



Anonymous said...

I like your cats :)

Strayer said...

You haven't had to "fit" anything yet, on the job, have you? Because I've been thinking about that and it has not created pleasant thought.