Diamond Head Crater Trail--hike to the top...

as most of you know, i'm not the biggest "hiker" out there. i prefer to find the closest parking spot to the entrance. i call it being efficient.
anywho...we hung out at the beach in the morning and then hooked up with my bro & d to go to Diamond head. i don't know quite what i was expecting, maybe a park and some trails...not a .9 mile hike straight-up [with sharp switchbacks] the side of a crater. we stopped a few times for air and a breeze. if i had been better prepared i would have had more water which would have helped. poor d did it in thongs, not knowing what she'd gotten herself into either.
when we got to the top a parks guy was "selling" certificates for a $2 donation. if i would have known, i would have brought up money so i could prove i'd done it! the view from the top was ok..nothing that special.

rest/breeze spot before the stairs of doom..side facing opposite of Waikiki side

view of Waikiki from the top...it took me about 15 min once we arrived to breathe normally...the way down was a breeze!
after the hike N & A went in the water at sunset..then we got a brief downpour. so refreshing!

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