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Important News from Strayer:

http://www.adoptapet.com/ is hosting a contest in which it has paired with http://www.care2.com/ to try to bring much needed donations to shelters. Every individual can vote once for their favorite shelter. Click the link below to vote for Feral Night Cat Trapper Rescue! Spread the word! First prize, the shelter gaining the most votes by November 1, gets $10,000. Smaller $1000 awards will be given out randomly. THANK YOU.

Feral Night Cat Trapper Rescue--Please Click this link and VOTE!-i did!http://www.care2.com/animalsheltercontest/71348

In other news, I am overloaded in kittens, including seven newborns. Salbastgeon Inn on 9th street in Corvallis contacted me claiming to have found four newborn kittens in the bushes outside a window. They wanted me to come get them. I went over and did pick up the flea ridden five day old kittens, and was immediately skeptical about their chances of survival. I tried for hours to find and trap the mother.

Check out a short video I made of the new bottle babes by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skqi3Ioh0iw

The area has had a problem with stray cats due to apartment complexes on Division and Hobart. I trapped seven cats there almost three years ago, that were fed by a tenant on Division and dug a Siamese kitten out of the dumpster at one of the Division street complexes. Animal Control a few months ago, trapped seven or eight cats there and took them to Heartland, where they would have been killed. These included two of three males I'd taken in just last January, to an FCCO clinic, to be fixed. Heartland called me about two of the boys, because they had eartips, and I rehomed them.

In this latest attempt there, I have trapped 9 adults, two of them already sporting eartips from my previous efforts in the area. I found barn homes for five of the nine adults in the last ten days, while one of the adults died when he went under anesthesia. I returned the other three, because I had no place for them. There are still at least three adults there needing fixed. All of them need relocated. The disabled low income complex feeder moved out, or, probably a more accurate description, was driven out by management and any tenant who feeds strays is now under threat of eviction.

One of the four newborns died the first night. Another may not make it. I have been totally exhausted trying to trap colonies, answer phone calls, bottle feed, clean, find homes for cats, make relocation cages, well anyhow, I'm sick now, and still have found nobody willing to help trap, transport, or do anything. It's quite difficult.

The other four newborns come from a Scravel Hill colony. People feeding 18 or more cats, most of them kittens. I've trapped 16 there now I think. I trapped an adult female, then they found two newborns in the garage, crying. I brought them home, decided to let the feral mom nurse them. Then they found her other three and put the last three newborns in a box on their deck. When I came to pick them up, there were only two. Apparently another female stole the fifth. It has not been seen again.

Then, the folks the City of Albany contacted me about initially, who live in a duplex on Waverly and the city was getting complaints from neighbors about their habits, including the fact they might have too many cats, were evicted. I had taken in the stray they fed, a male, Robinhood, and he did get a home. I got their adult male and an adult female fixed. The female had three kittens. When they were evicted, the mother of one of them, asked me to take the kittens. I did. They're here too. The people incredibly found another place to live and they will get to take the adult cats, but only because they are now fixed.

I've been trapping a lot over off Queen, around Elm, Walnut, Maple and Vine. The area is overrun with unfixed cats. Maybe I should say the area is overrun with people who don't fix their pets. That says it more accurately.

I've gotten literally dozens fixed in just a small area. Some folks on Walnut were feeding strays, never got any fixed, although a neighbor got a couple fixed and actually one of the cats had roamed to a colony a couple blocks away where I was trapping and I caught him there and got him fixed. I've taken in six adults from this carport. There were three kittens running around. I thought they would be old enough, weigh two pounds, to take up to the kitten fixing clinic I use in Wilsonville Monday, so Sunday I netted two of the little guys. They were not up to weight, so they're also in my bathroom.

While digging around the junk trying to find the third kitten, I saw something long dead, looked like a kitten. I asked the young woman, one of them, who lives in the house, who's that? She said, "Oh, that's where that kitten is. One of the females had just one kitten and then it disappeared." It was right in their carport, under a bunch of empties and trash. It's still laying there.

I still have the three kittens I saw out at the BS colony, nearly starved to death, middle of August. They are teens now and I don't know what I'll do with them. I'm so worn out and tired out and wish I could take a vacation. But I can't. It gets hard to go on sometimes. It's hard to believe there are responsible normal people out there at all. It's hard to believe there are people out there who don't use people, too. Helping cats in Linn County is not easy. I long to return to Corvallis sometimes.

The number of cats I've taken in to be spayed and neutered so far this year alone: 739!

Well, enough whining. Vote for Feral Night Cat Trapper Rescue! Fix your pets and if you know anyone who wants to adopt a kitten, or even a semi-feral teen (the Starvation Kids--Buffy, Mops and Doc), steer them my way! If you know anyone reliable who would like to foster kittens, transport or trap, steer them my way too.



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