tree is up!

and here it is:

our beloved $35 special tree from Home Depot-very environmentally friendly to use the same tree year after year..and less clean-up!

the pic's are blurry when i don't use the flash on the camera..but i wanted to get the lighting effect. :)

we did a lot of rearranging and getting rid of stuff this weekend due to N's xmas gift. his parents bought him a new flat panel tv. his mom said it was b/c they felt guilty about spending for his brother and his family i guess. it's nice. N took the tv to goodwill. we tossed the ikea tv stand in the garbage (it was broken) and got to watch when the garbage truck tossed it into the back on saturday. it was fun.
and the stocking are hung..on the wall as we have no chimney.


ab said...

tree looks great. it was good to see you guys this t day

HB Livin' said...

thanks! i love setting it up.

see your comment worked :)