D Day...

which in my world stands for "dentist day".

6 month check-up (w/ no insurance still) i have to keep going whether I pay or not. things are looking good--knock knock knock on wood. i got new toothpaste ($25 later) that's major fluoride so that, with my biotene paste (for dry mouth) and my peroxide for rinsing i "should" be good to go.

oh..except that darn #14. needs a new crown. apparently the current crown is leaking...so that'll run me $1700 unless i can get some insurance. course for that i'll need a full time job. i just keep hoping after the end of january (my 3 month review) they'll let me stay longer and give me insur. i know they would if the company is bringing in money so that's lazy ass salesmen better sell dammit. that seriously sit in the office, maybe call a couple people then complain about not sales. OMG! i want them on commission. the salary they get for 7 people is over $25000 every 2 weeks!! that's what i made this year alone.

christmas is coming. we're almost done with everyone's gifts to ship. this year is a lot slimmer that years past but i'm not going to stress about it. i just want to get N a couple more treats!

sloppy joes and crunchy potatoes for dinner tonite. J is coming over. i can't wait to see how she's doing. it's only been a couple weeks but it seems like forever. S has been out of town now so i'm on call for the hospital. it's very exciting! although i do wake up and check my phone throughout the nite.

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