mmmmm cookies...

i had the best of intentions to post this yesterday...but we went out to tj maxx & did the last bit of pick-ups (other than stocking stuffers).

J with her master baking skills whipped up these 4 yummy treats on thursday. i helped but constant talking and testing the doughs. first she made my mom's pumpkin roll recipe. i don't have a kitchen aid mixer so it's basically impossible for me to make this dough as i lack the bread making skills of kneading for hours and dealing with yeast. we let it proof and then punched it down. we did one big cake pan of rolls & a small pan of rolls with a maple glaze coating on it. those were pretty good..but i do like the plain rolls best. i ate the last 2 we brought home this morning.

next were the butterscotch gingerbread. we didn't have gingerbread man cut-outs so we used a star, mitten, tree and stocking (which ended up making a GREAT mr. hanky -the christmas poo-cookie!). we finished off ours yesterday. they were so soft and perfectly cooked. i'm craving more.

then J made her peanut butter-hersey kiss cookies. that dough was sooo good. the came out perfectly soft with no hard crunch. those were finished off yesterday too.

then she made N's mom's mexican chocolate cookie recipe. those are the square brown ones in the picture up top. i didn't have those since they were harder and i have to watch my teeth. N & J loved them and he finished those off first.

it made it more christmasy for sure. maybe i'll see if she wants to do another round sometime. gotta get all the cooking in before the baby. :)

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