goodbye KLSX....97.1 Free FM...

today is the last day for The Adam Carolla Show, Frosty Heidi & Frank, Danny & Leykis and the rest of the 97.1 line-up.

CBS is changing the entire format of 97.1. it will now be music. LAME-- as if more music stations matter.

No Adam in the AM (although he said he'll be doing podcasts now for us!). the only good thing about ACS leaving is today Teressa announced her pregnancy. I'm sooooo happy i don't have to hear about that for 9 months. she mentioned it over 15 times between 7:30-8:00AM..even with commercials. god grief lady. don't you get that that isn't good radio!! moron.
N and i saw adam at the skirball one evening and it was awesome.

i liked the Frank Army and listening to him and Frosty in the afternoons. Heidi drove me insane with her voice, so no loss there. i could have been her "character" better and funnier and not as grating.

Danny i liked as his own show on my drive home. i was not a fan when he was on ACS for a year. he is definitely better as the sole mic on his shows. it was nice to get to hear that side of him.

Leykis...what can i say. i've been listening to him since '95 sophomore year of college driving back and forth I-90. those were the days of his "battles" with Dr. Laura and rush. the original way he took people out was to flush them down the toilet. i love the rules, and the common sense he brings to situations. i know he'll be fine...especially since he;s a multi-millionaire (he likes to tell us).

on a personal note..Leykis is the only radio show i've ever called. i called in during hurricane katrina when he was focusing more on the people there and the governments lack of efforts. not only did i get on the air..but i was first after the break. he was very nice and treated me kindly. he even took me out my favorite way: w/ a bong toke and african tribal style. my friend T and i went to a showing of an independent film of him in seattle years ago. he was there along with his producer. it was really fun. V mighta been there too. i've seen him a few times live at the bite of seattle and live broadcasts down south. i'm not a materialistic person so i don't knock anyone on how they look. that isn't what makes a person and most of his haters focus on his appearance and that's it.

i just listened to the end of the talk at 5pm. i had to hear what song the new format would play and it's not even a song i know. crap.

Thank you all for making my mornings, afternoons and evenings lighter and relaxing.
Good Luck to everyone in your new endeavors. If you're back on in S.Cali...i'll be listening.

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