search begins...

i was laid off of my part-time job today. not that i was too surprised.

the past 2 days i have been out with a horrible migraine. they must have realized that there really wasn't that much work for me to do since i wasn't "missed". i mean on friday i spent 2 hours clearing a jam in the paper shredder.i'm not upset but kind of glad. the main guy totally lied about the position to sucker me in that first day. of course i took it to. i really have to learn to stop taking the first job i'm offered since that hasn't worked out well the past couple times.

so now the hunt is on and much harder then before. i'd love to go to school to become a pharmacy technician (as i see on the ads on tv) but i can't afford that. there is an online program that is with Cal State-Long Beach but it's 2 grand plus books. i wish i could re-use some of my college money now.

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