i promise..i'm not mad my little blog...

things have just been a bit wonky as of late. last week my bro and ab came down. was great to see them but hard work since we finished cleaning out the spot in WH so she could sell it. we were successful! the jeep that was there got them safely back up north, even through the snow in OR and the grapevine.

my bro brought up me & n's xmas gift. needless to say it's pretty friggin awesome. maybe if you vist, i can show it to you ;)

no big VD plans. just chillin...maybe i can talk n into thai for dinner. mmmmm drunken noodles.

we went up and spent time with little b also. that was great. she's always so good when i'm there.. which i love..there's nothing worse then a baby seeing you then crying to ruin the ole ego.

work is still not bringing in the $$ or signing the contract with the "investor". so hopefully i'll get paid for the past couple weeks on tuesday. i think i'll be ok because we actually got a check from the 1 company that actually sells any of our products. i'd love the company to succeed so i can get health insurance. there's nothing like not having it for 8+ months to freak you out. i'm constantly thinking my appendix is rupturing but i can't afford that bill so who knows what would happen if it did.

the cats are healthy and so are the humans so that's a big plus.

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