it never rains in southern cali....wrong Tony!Toni!Tone!

it's raining. and it looks like 10 months out of the year back home. i'm glad i was off work today already..although if i had to go in it would be totally dead anyway. tomorrow i'll be there all day. wow. haha

the grapevine is closed so i'm really glad my bro and ab didn't come down a week later or they wouldn't have been able to leave for a couple days. at least were almost at our water average for the year. the drought this summer will not be to fun.

it looks like our computer is starting to go. it's been shutting of randomly the past week and freezing up with weird fractured lines on the screen (but no blue screen .. yet) it's old and we bought it from goodwill about 4 years ago so it's definitely done it's job. the countdown is on.

it started dumping even harder & sideways as i wrote this. i bet J is loving this. :)


Shane said...

Pshaw--that's rain? :) Nice blog; it's great seeing the pics of you guys! Take care and we'll be in touch!


HB Livin' said...

it know! nothing like you get up there. thank goodness!

hopefully we'll make it up sometime this year. maybe Q it up!