Religulous...the movie

we watched this movie last weekend.

it was great! Bill Maher focuses on Christianity, Muslim and a little bit of the Jewish religions. it was interesting to see him ask people questions and the varied and angry answers he would receive.

i loved that most of the catholic priests seemed very down to earth. i remember that from growing up catholic and going to an all girls high school. the nuns were some of the smartest most unbiased people i'd met. they fully acknowledged the problems in catholicism with women but their desire to serve a higher power made them able to concede to certain ideologies (ie nuns can't be priests ect.) we would have week long discussions about the differences. they were so open minded. i even wrote my final english term paper (the big one) on why marijuana should be legalized. sister loved it but due to grammar errors i got a b. i even played the song "lets talk about sex" for prayer one morning since it was topical to the lessons for that week and she loved it too. the other girls had sort of dared me and i think they were also impressed with sister.

i hope you can check out the movie and view with an open mind.


Strayer said...

I rented and watched it, too!

Strayer said...

Kate, do you want my old computer? It's not bad now. Had a guy go over it, and finally got the new one working. I can send it to you, if yours is sour. E-mail me if you want it. bluestray@yahoo.com