1st wireless laptop blog entry...ever...

N hooked up the wireless router we got from j & s. it's very exciting here in year 2000land. i'm in be watching hell's kitchen while typin this. i almost feel like a real (pretend) writer! with really bad grammar and complete disregard for proper spellin'.

nothing to fascinating to write about. today i got to listen to the workers working on the apartment above us dragging things with ropes up and down clanging and banging into our patio railing.i had to keep the blinds shut and the tv low so as not to draw attention to myself. haha hooka and weezie didn't know where to hide, poor little girls.

we got j & b off to sea-town super easily today. j had checked her luggage, gone through security and called me from the gate before i made it back to my apartment -- which was only 15 minutes away! john wayne rocks! she even got lucky and had an empty seat next to her. i hope the trip back down here goes well & b slept through the flight! she's getting baptized on 3/15 by a friend of ours from 3rd-8th grades dad. should be fun! we'll be watchin trinie and monkey-man.

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