Kydoimos or Cydoimus comes visiting...again

Kydoimos or Cydoimus is the Greek God of the din of battle, confusion, uproar and hubbub.

our apartment has been his target since september when the people under us moved in. they love to play their TV with the bass so loud it reverberates through the floor and our pillows. i'm a light sleeper - especially to fall asleep - and have spent many angry nites stomping on the floor and calling our office. i counted on my cell and it's been over 15 times since 9/08, and i don't call every time--maybe once a week when i start cracking. the twit of an apartment manager we have is utterly useless. i've had messages from her the entire time saying she gives them notices and the next time is the last time..well it's never been. we pay rent on time for over 4 years and get this crap constantly. the latest message from this monday is she's "on it" and this is the final notice. HAHAHAHAH

i'll be sending a letter to their corporate offices soon. i really hoped to avoid that step that the office would deal with it correctly. i never complain about any other neighbors - since they're quiet i don't have to. i even let it go until past 10 pm and stomp on the floor in any attempt for them to "get-it". they love to play games and turn it up and down all nite long. i hate them soo much. to top it off on saturday nite they had some little kids over talking/yelling loudly from midnight until past 2am!!! kids..like under 6 i'm sure. i wish i knew their names and could call cps about that. totally inexcusable and inappropriate for kids to be hyped wide awake and loud that late.

this mornin, to my joy, i hear banging outside the window before 7:30am. i peek out and a guy is on a ladder scraping paint!! before 8 am! NO notice on our doors about this happening! then they proceed to climb on the patio. i don't know these people. they could be scooping out our apartment along with "painting" since things are pretty bad job-wise down here. it was creepy to say the least.

i'm not sure what temple i'm supposed to go to to make offerings to this guy so he can bother someone else. i'm over it!!

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Strayer said...

Make a recording of the noise and send it with your letter to corporate. That sometimes helps.