Gaffey Street Diner & Randy's Doughnuts

we are fans of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on the food network. we went down to san diego and tried Hodad a couple months ago but sadly i forgot my camera...so i didn't post about it. [if you're wondering: the onion rings were great! the bacon patty was interesting (N got the BLT), the service was ok-but not warm inside (no heat) & the mini cheeseburger was perfect sized for me]

we've had the Gaffey Street Diner on the go see list forever. i saw them on DDD and their awesome biscuits & gravey and i was smitten. they did not disappoint!

i got the Country Breakfast: Biscuits & Gravey (served w/a surprise --2 extra sausage patties (1 on each half of biscuit) were hidden under the gravey), 2 eggs (i got scrambled) & Home Fries.
N got Breaded Chicken Cutlet & Eggs: 1 GIANT Chicken Cutlet, Home Fries, 2 eggs (scrambled too), toast & gravey (a surprise on his order). he also ordered a Short Stack (2 pancakes): 1 Pumpkin & 1 Regular.

the biscuits were HUGE. I ate half of mine and about half the home fries. all the potatoes were nice and soft. i hate it when you get hard potatoes in my hashbrowns. the gravey was amazing. N's favorite bites were ones with everything combined; a little chicken, potato, gravey and green pepper or onion. the eggs were fine but nothing to special. i was ok with that since everything else was la bomba. the pumpkin pancake was great but i only managed a couple bites.

here are some pictures:

the diner is in san pedro which is about 25 miles norht of us. we took the scenic way there up PCH, Ocean Blvd and through the port and over the big bridges.

the 3 leftover containers. the darker pancake is the pumpkin one. the toast container has the 2 sausage patties and the rest of the biscuit & gravey. the 3rd box has the home fries (cooked with onions, green peppers and special seasonings) and the giant chicken steak on top.

i tried to use edit and make labels on the food items here. if your screen is big or use giant font you may be able to read them. lol

as if stuffing ourselves on breakfast wasn't enough...we finally made it to Randy's Doughnuts. this place has been on many TV shows so i'm sure you're familiar with it. the simpsons modeled their giant doughnut off their logo. it was empty so we got great service. the only bummer is the doughnuts are inside and you order outside so you have to stick your head in the order window to see what they have on hand. the descriptions on the board with prices do them no justice. for instance i didn't see a maple bar. when N ordered he stuck his head in and saw one and got it. we found out that is called a "long john".

my standard lot picture :)

N ordering. the guy is pointing to me b/c he saw i was taking a picture and wanted N to turn and smile i guess. i didn't care. i was aiming for an action shot anyway.

doughnut shot (sans flash) the near white one is actually powdered cinnamon sugar Crumb, the Long John "maple bar" on the right. behind the powdered is N's Coconut Raised (he loved it) and the last is Honey & Wheat (kinda like apple/cinnamon w/o the apple).
they were good.
my favorite type are still Stan's Cinnamon Sticks....mmmmm

and the result of the afternoon adventure:

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