ebay, job, avocados & rattlesnake...oy my...yes oy

in order on the title...

ebay: i got my act together and took pictures of my 3 items and put them up for sale. so far both the she-ra lunchbox, matching thermos, sticker album lot and the strawberry shortcake tin lunchbox, matching thermos, w/extra thermos lot have bids! the NKOTB joe m. "action figure" mint in package still has no bids...and starts at .99...so if you're interested..huh, huh. it's coo though, there are 2 watchers on it so hopefully one will pull the trigger and get it for cheap.

job: so far so chill. everyone loves what i've done with the place. it's all neat and organized now. the other girl had her baby today so that's good she can enjoy her maternity leave not being prego. here are some pictures:

this is the view from my chair...lovely elevators aren't they. the signage is horrible (the suite number is behind the giant open doors) so people always stare blankly left & right when they get off the elevators. the folks across the hall have their doors open all day. but the view in is of a conference room with glass doors and walls...so when they meet in there i can see people. otherwise it's dark.

this is the view in of my beautiful giant desk. it kinda reminds me of atomfilms when we were next to the viaduct downtown seattle. to the left is a glassed in conference room. usually the light is off in there (it's on a sensor). there are the glass doors i have to buzzed people in (employees usually use their badges). the office behind me is empty and used as a satellite office for other employees that work off site and come in on occasion i guess.

here's the building...we're on the 8th floor!

another picture of the building

avocado: we woke up brite & early on sunday and headed to fallbrook for the avocado festival. i swear we saw a huell howser episode where he went there. we were excited to try lots of avocado stuff and there was supposed to be a cooking contest the website said. we got there in good timing (it's about 78 miles south then east of us) & even managed to find a free parking spot! it was right at one end of the festival so it was a perfect location. so we walked through he 6-7 blocks of stands to the original Pedro's Tacos so i could get my potato taco & N could get his rolled tacos. it was delish. then we headed back up the other side of the festival. needless to say we were home by 2pm! there were hardly any avocado things. cold stone sold the ice cream. cold stone! N got it and was disappointed. i wasn't impressed either. we never saw the cooking contest. it was jammed with people and strollers. oh the strollers. and N got coughed on by people who deliberately turned away from their friends toward him about 5 times. it was super hot also which didn't help. N found 1 stand that sold handmade wood bowls and trays and got a cool bowl for $5.
rattler: J & D were going for a walk down to the beach on the river trail between our cribs while D&B were in town visiting. along the way there was this snake lying in the middle of the path. the story goes, D tried to scare it with a stick and it ended up slithering into the brush. if i was there, i woulda been walking the other way so fast. i don't mess with mother nature. D sent a bunch of pictures of the snake but i accidentally deleted them but this one where it's leaving the trail.

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V said...

Very cool! I like the way the office looks! Very organized... I'm glad you are liking your new job!