mirror, mirror in the hallway...

we relaxed this weekend. we made it to dim sum on sunday. i ordered 3 pork humbaughs from the cart straight off because i knew if we missed out on those, we'd be S.O.L. that visit. they don't bring them out too often--maybe once an hour and they go quick. so we brought home 5. yeah!!
the only thing N didn't get was the shrimp w/green leek rice noodle dumpling. he brought home his sweet eggy desserts and i brought the humbaugh & (2) sweet pork buns. the BEST dim sum is still the place we went to in Honolulu on the last visit for M&E's wedding. it was a little more upscale then the usual ones.

i also finished my project of tossing our many pillows into the dryer (2-3 at a time) for 10 minutes or so to kill the dust mites. i saw a show about it. the lumpiness of N's pillows flattened out nicely. i managed to sell my ebay items i put online last week...BUT...none of the 3 buyers have paid yet. 1 girl sent me an emails saying she'd need a couple extra days which is totally fine & i appreciated that. the other 2 i haven't heard any thing from yet and they've all been sent invoices.

weezie was all bellied out on her favorite blanket (it's electric!) and hooka decided to join her...right next to her:

weezie tries to ignore the big furry one...

somethings happening out side...

last but not least...N went to take the garbage out on saturday morning. [we are lucky enough to have a garbage shoot right down the hall] there he saw someone had left a mirror. [people leave stuff all the time. we've gotten quite a few hallway treats to decorate our apartment. we leave stuff there that's in good shape also] he got back and told me to go look at it while he ran to trader joe's and the donut shop across the street. i put on a sweatshirt & shoes right away and headed down. it was great. i didn't think twice or wait but hauled it back right away...already planning exactly were i was going to put it.
here it is:

no scratches or anything...nice and clean & the back has no rips on the backing...i put in on top of the wooden chest i got from my gps. it's the chest his family brought over their belongings in from italy in the 1900's. it even has some stamps on it from the voyage. pretty cool. i keep it covered with a nice orange sarong from hawaii.

N couldn't believe someone would just leave it out. i was glad they did. that's N's GI Joe troop transporter on the left & on the right is the bowl he bought at the avocado festival in fallbrook, ca last week.

work has been going well so far. we took pictures for our badges on friday. i didn't care much since if someone really wanted to see what i looked like, they can look up at my face.


V said...

Nice pics of the mirror and kitties! Sounds like a chill weekend!

J said...

The mirror looks great!! I'll have to come down soon.