week in review...

tuesday migraine hit. hat conference with my boss where i proceeded to throw=up in the trash bin my cream cheese and triscuit lunch. she looked scared and i waved garbbled for her to take the phone and i was going to the bathroom. when i "finished up", she was nice enough to let me leave 30 mins. early.

wednesday migraine continues and the receptionist is back from baby leave. i couldn't have called out sick at all since i had to set-up my desk as well. i wore my sunglasses inside most of the day so i broke them into my headache routine. at the O they were very understanding. they are getting there here. of course i'm new too.

thursday i couldn't take it any more and called out. i hope i won't me in too much trouble on monday but there's nothing really i physically could have done to get to work. we had a 4th potluck and i had signed up for dessert. N even had made the cherry flan for me the nite before so it was ready...but i couldn't hang. so i slept on and off, puked a bit and petted the cats. the treximet isn't working any more unfortunately.

fortunately i had friday off work already so i was in bed all day again, but starting to finally feel better.

the 4th i was much better. we went up to J&S to watch the fireworks from their roof. it was really cool but windy! next year i will layer properly and we'll set up chairs or something in the daylight. B slept through all the noise. we had sloppy joes, crunchy potatoes and tried tuna (after S mircowaved it all the way cooked). J made the best blueberry crisp I had today. it is so freaking good.

off to work tomorrow. start my new 9a,-6pm MWF, 8am-5pm TTh schedule. i told them i have to babysit on t & th which i may for the next couple weeks. hopefully i'll be able to get back to 8-5 soon. i like it much better! i'm going to stop and get donuts out of sheer guilt for not getting my dessert to the potluck on thursday. if the drop-off woulda been easy, N woulda done it but it's a bitch.

have a good week! another long one. ugg!

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Anonymous said...

what a nasty week!!
glad to hear that you are feeling better now.

have a good week.